S29 | Info Point and Graphic Comunication @Porta Venezia In Design 2015


An itinerary for the Design Week to combine design, art, food&wine with Liberty architecture 

WHAT Milano Design Week 2015
INFO info@portaveneziaindesign.com
INFO POINT | Casello Ovest_Corso Venezia 63 - project by laboMint
WHEN | 14th/19th April 2014 | Milano, Porta Venezia
LIBERTY ITINERARY | tour in partnership wih FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano

LOGO DESIGN | Marco Tossici @ Jannelli&Volpi

PRESS OFFICE www.comu-nico.it 

S28 | Design Fight

Archistar or design masters? With Design Fight challenge the rivals in a battle at the last paper plane!

Which team of designers is able to meet the challenge?
Make your favorite designers fight with the simple rules of the battleship game!
Test your skills with three difficulty levels (student, tutor and professor) that determine the size of the battlefield.

Choose your team and prepare for the challenge!

Download here

the Android version

the iPhone version

Giovanni Agazzi

design by 

contributions by 
Roberto Simoni

S27 | Temporary Store and Graphic Comunication @Porta Venezia In Design 2014


An itinerary for the Design Week to combine design, art, food&wine with Liberty architecture 

WHAT Milano Design Week
INFO info@portaveneziaindesign.com
WHEN | 8th/13th April 2014 | Milano, Porta Venezia
LIBERTY ITINERARY | tour in partnership wih FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano
TEMPORARY STORE | 8th/13th April 2014 | Via Malpighi 7

LOGO DESIGN | Marco Tossici @ Jannelli&Volpi
PRESS OFFICE www.comu-nico.it 

S26 |

#myneverhome winner of paraDesign @paratissima9 - Torino 6/10th Nov 2013

laboMint presents #myneverhome, wall paper and limited edition accessories to have always on hand a design to talk about.

#myneverhome is a laboMint's idea, grown from the collection of designed but never realized interiors; laboMint started to collect all its forgiven design, little plans that tells about relationships and spaces in a dedicated section of the website: all together, here are the home interiors in 10 years of overtaken, discared, not preferred design.

A process, as designer, very different from the one of the artist; a result, collection of leftovers, that produces a pattern translated into decoration, very similar to an artwork. Interiors become a decorative print, find occupiers and moves to other interiors.

laboMint design spaces, sometimes objects, a lot of stories; here with the home interiors in 10 years of overtaken, discared, not preferred design and 5 products to buy on store.

The wall covering MyNeverHome has ben realized with JWall tailor made by Jannelli&Volpi, technical sponsor of laboMint for Paratissima; the wall covering is customizable with your own #myneverhome.

The products realized by Essent’ial, design by laboMint, are in cellulose fiber (washable in washing machineat 30°): the placemat-MNH@table, the pochette Size M-MNH@bag and a wallet Cash-Cash-MNH@pocket.

S24 |

Avida | piano store and music school, Shanghai

The sticky summer in shanghai has been concentrate on a music project.

An old maternity hospital to be transformed in a music store for the ground and first floor and a music school for kids on the last floor.

As everything in Shanghai lately we had a very short time to open up. Survey and building site opening in the meanwhile with the design team milano-shanghai busy 24 hours. Circulation to be transformed, exhibition furniture to shape the spaces, raw materials and a lot of little rooms to define unedited geometry, each one with a little window to look what's going on inside.

S23 |

portaveneziaindesign.com | web design

was born in 2012, by Nicoletta Murialdo, a
new network for the FuoriSalone of Milan,
which combines design and art Nouveau
architecture, and more.

communication design 2013 Ilenia Martino @ Porta Venezia in Design
web design Cristina Foglia @ laboMint 
logo design Marco Tossici @ Jannelli&Volpi

S22 |

KUKA is your home | 29th China International Furniture Fair CIFF, Guangzhou 

Retail strategy for KUKA by laboMint and AlexanderDesign + KickOffice

Kuka it's a model company, founded by Mr. Gu has seen an explosive development and quickly became leader in the leather furniture industry. Kuka literally means the Home of Gu but also Care of Home.
'Proundly made in China' to us is the attitude of the new chinese production, not depending from the old world anymore, not just produced but made in China.

KUKA is not just a SOFA, KUKA is your HOME has been the refrain that drove us to the main design concept.

If the sofa is associated to the idea of comfort, the function sofa is the maximun desiderable comfort; it's a living island, full of accesories..it's a livingroom itself. All these considerations lead to to the idea of the little houses, at the same time communication and functional tools.  The little houses open up to the outside of the shop to offer a rest to the people walking by and attract you inside the shop as a home entrance. And we did imagine they could also travel in some special occasion to become portable Kuka display.

S21 |

4th house

the first house it's been a long time ago, the fourth one is just completed.

a classic milanese traditional house of the beginning of the XX century in my favorite city's street is completely redesigned for the new inhabitants necessities.

new spaces and materials mixing up with traces as the beloved old marmette [0005 DETAILS|tiles re-use], born here and repositioned in th new inside, or the decorated lava.

S20 |

around the kitchen

when you can list among your clients a very classy kitchen producer, you cannot avoid to have them letting you a big discount on a huge super modern kitchen that drives the design of the entire house..around the kitchen!

while the living room and the studio are designed as open and fluid spaces, for the night zone services and spaces are organized with tailor-made furniture container

S19 |

extension for cohousing

two families with a cohousing project do benefit of an extension of one of the little villas of the beginning XXth century that face the new city life compound in milano

the pure volume containing the new bedroom at the ground floor and the kitchen on the first floor, trace window proportions in a contemporary surface to report the new intervention

S18 |


good HOST DESIGN is a project thinking webpage that puts together three people that have been working together on the hospitality for many years.

research into practice to  develop new strategies and innovative proposals for hospitality, with a window on the state of the art

S17 |

Piombo visiting Roma (by studiometrico)

Piombo, travelling to Roma in the White Gallery EUR chic shop, has a special setting to be designed. 

The yellow+black icon stripe become backdrop as a special wallpaper in a 3d frame that host the best of the collection

S15 |

kitchen in the box 

After the construction of a complete floating steel and wood structure (thanks to Atelier LC) to consolidate the exhisting structure [0006.2 DETAILS|a lifting for the old structures] the public space of the house has been organized around a small but dense kitchen in a box with a window overlooking the living. On the other side a studio/extra room divided but at the same time, when not inhabited, shared with the rest of the space. In the private space of the house, together with ma+pa bedrooom and unsuite bathroom and another bathroom, there's a huge double room for the two brothers still happy to live together in a big game room but ready to be divided in two more private space with minor changes as necessary.

S14 |

Fulli & Ricco house

A very special flat, starting from its unique plan, for a couple of good friends; each space has a special texture and a tailor made solution. The living room has a special kitchen made of two parts: a wall built in unit that diseappears and a very special island made of genuine steel; a linear long shelf do organize technologies and amenities. The bedroom has a walk-throught closet and a warm grey taste while the resin and wood bathroom has two different spaces communicating but accessible from different entrances.

S13 |

MMM_Milano Mercato Metropolitano

The Exhibition show the process and the results of a series of workshops promoted by Assessorato alle Attività Produttive del Comune di Milano and the FFacultyof Design Politecnico di Milano on the topic of the design of the stalls of the ttemporarystreet markets.

The exhibition held in the prestigious Ottagono, the core of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milano, designed by Francesca Murialdo and Davide Fassi togetherwith Mattia de Paolis organizes a space in the space, welcoming the visitors to seat on the printed bench (with the detailing of the single selected projects) to have a look at the maquette, while who's passing by quickly is reflecting himself on the exterior display that tells the all process of the workshops.

S12 |

space in space

A traditional flat gains space with the introducion of antechambers to dearticulate the corridor space. A long wall unit that crosses the all flat does merge the different spaces.

S11 |

a house full of lights

An oblique built in library that hosts book and golf cups on one side and recessed lights towards the entrance, a wardrobe that lights up and a wall full of lighted niches for the house of my friend paola

S10 |


Few yeras before we've been refurbish a flat that has serious structural problems. The owners family has rapidly grown and they bought also the apartment above.

The new project has to carefully connect the two floors, to consolidate the remaining structure (including the ceiling) and to distribute the new interior spaces.

The intervention has been radical on the side with the stair that strcturally hook up with the steel floor and very conservative on the rest of the apartment where a dry solution has been preferred. The consolidation project, designed together with Atelier LC, as described in 006.1 DETAILS|a lifting for the old structure, start from the need not to add weight to the old wood structure: the old beams are lifted and the foundation made of sand and coverd with plasterborad panels.

The only closed room in the second floor is a huge bathroom that uses bencore panels to devide from the night area.

S09 |

interior wings

Interior wings, colours and one of my favourite classic flooring for a small flat that combines different kind of spaces together

S08 |

MATRICO | casette nel salento

Presentation of the cozy casette in Salento, one of the better prreserved areas in Italy. Inspiration from the old olive press still in the garden

S07 |

Bastard store | casa comvert (by studiometrico)

Few years ago Comvert asked studiometrico to look for a location for its new headquarter in Milan; the place should have been large enough to host offices for 15-20 people, services, a big storage for their products and an indoor skatebowl for employees, team riders and friends. In spring 2005 we eventually found a Cinema theater from the 50′s that really suited Comvert needs and few months ago – after the conclusion of the refurbishment works – the company has moved into its new home: Casacomvert!

From then over Casacomvert has been published extesively on international magazines and books and in 2010 wins the ArchDaily Building of the Year Award for our greta satisfaction

You can have a look at the poste in the old studiometrico website to unveal details.
You can find nearly everything concerning the project, the refurbishment works and the result, or you can just google it!

Photographs by Giuliano Berarducci & 

S06 |

3th house

Last floor flat with an unusable attic above to be transformed with a new roof, a new terrace in a very nice beginning of the century two floor house

S05 |

magnolia house

A classic flat of the ventennio completely transformed to have an extra room in a box, a passing trought kitchen and a long unspecialized shelf built in that hosts kitchen equipment, books an music

S03 |


My very best friend (that today is no longer with us) and his boyfriend opened up this fanstastic restaurant that  is the transformaton  of and old frame factory.

The big sala with shed roof has the table on a three step structure, ready to be transormed in a seating place to attend to fashion shows. There are two bars, one close to the entrance and another one in the middle of the sala hat is completly removable to give plave to the show's settings.

EDA has been included in many design guide both for interiors and cuisine.

S02 |


Custom made kitchens completly in steel, from the professional equipments to the private environments

S01 | seafront nest

Precise furniture for a very small flat in one of the best spot in 5 Terre in Italy