T94-D |

MEMORY STORE - Metadesign Lab, Interior Design (2nd year) by Scuola del Design, Politecnico di Milano, a.a. 2014-2015

The #memorystore is a metaphor of the new relationship between the place and its user, affecting spaces, services and experiences. The design proposals will be multiple solutions that will invest different disciplinary topics as #adaptivereuse, #exhibitiondesign, #servicedesign, #communicationdesign to reset the established situation and to foresee neew spatial solutions.

more info @LA.BO.works


T90-D |

WEARABLE SPACE @Middlesex University, London

Workshop / May 6th-9th 2014

Shrinking spaces  from city to rooms
New value as weakness and reversibility

Production, consumption, communication merging in virtual space

In this landscape can we imagine our body as the fundamental ingredient to create a place intended as a sort of wearable space, a place around the body?

Body is our primary and more intimate/personal tool to measure space; unconventionally, space is scanned by the way we move, behave and use our body, according to the shape and size of the body itself.

How can we transform our body in a proper spatial support of our activities?

Follow the workshop @ http://wearablespace.tumblr.com/

T88-L |



La destinazione finale di un pdv e la scelta di un determinato format influiscono sul tipo di progettazione da adottare. La suddivisione in cluster (temporary store, travel retail, flagship, etc..).

Data: 16 Aprile 2014


Francesca Murialdo (09.30 – 13.00)

Salvatore Maligno (14.00 – 17.30)

T85-D |

Retail Future Challenge - Student Competition of the World Retail Congress 2013 / Paris

The itailian team:
Ilenia Martino, student, MA in Interior Design
Martina Panzeri, student, BA in Design degli interni
Alberto Re, student, MA in Product Service System Design
Maria Teresa Reccia, student, Master in Exhibition Design

tutor: Francesca Murialdo,
sponsor: Grottini
promoter of the Italian team at the event: Popai (head of the World Retail Congress, selection of universities)


more info @LA.BO.works



T81-D | Retail(e)scape @Executive Master in Design Management

For the whole week will be busy in shopping around exploring the #retail(e)scape of the past & future with #practiceofconsumption and #spacesforgoods, listing the ingredients needed for the best retail recipes, walking around in 4 #retailtour. See you around! 

T80-D |

retail lecture + safari @ design.IT

TEKO summer course - Scuola del Design, Politecnico di Milano
10t july 2013
proff. Beltran Berrocal + Signe Mørk Madsen shopping around

T79-D |

fab|STORE - master I.D.E.A

 The retail themed workshop for the 6th edition of the Master in Exhibition Design @ Politecnico di Milano.

fab|store comes from the idea that CRISIS|OPPORTUNITY,  the debate on the 3RD INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, the FABBERS AND MAKERS  and the ADAPTIVE REUSE of unused buindings could come together to imagine a new interior space mixed up with a laboratory, a store, a market and an atelier.

more info at:

T56-R | Culture of living

Coordination: Trans urban (Austria) in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano - dipartimento INDACO, Università di Ferrara – Dipartimento di Architettura, Universitá luav di Venezia - Dipartimento di Urbanistica, The University Court of the University of Aberdeen (Aberdeen, UK), University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK), Fakultät für Architektur und Landschaft, Leibniz Universität (Hannover, Germania), Technische Universität (Vienna, Austria), X-CHANGE culture-science (Vienna, Austria), NID-National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad, India), Goa Urbanology Studio (Goa, India)

Partecipation to the final workshop c/o NID, Ahmedabad, India and Goa Urbanology Studio, Goa, India,

T36-R | IFW Interiors Forum World

In the PhD School of Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design has been developed a research about places and themes of the contemporary research in interiors. The research results has been published in http://www.interiorsforumworld.dpa.polimi.it/, and spread with the international conference in october 2008. The research has been presented at Interiors Forum Scotland, Glasgow, 1-2 March 2007 and at Second Nationa Congress on Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design at Iuav, Venezia, 24-25 October 2007

T26-D | foodexperience - New Entertainment Design, POLI.design, 2 october 2006

The restaurant is characterized by three elements: food, relations and environment. Different significance for different culture and different mix to have a multitude of different way to conceive a restaurant.
In the Mediterranean culture, food fits together with gesture and relationships and becomes one of the the linchpins of our daily life.
In the Norther Europe social drinking has the same social task as food relates more to the special events. The couple food-relations hasn't got any link with the economic background. In India the street kiosk it's a meeting point attracting different kind of people.
In the far East (Vietnam, China,..), the space for consumption of food is a sort of primordial food-court where many stalls offer different dishes in a public space. In japan you can consume hot food served from vending machine.

It's the kind and culture of food that determines our gesture and behavior or the opposite?